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Welcome to Shine Dental

We are a friendly general and cosmetic dental office in Mount Prospect, IL. We provide comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages. Our service includes dental exams, dental implants, teeth cleaning, cavity treatments, periodontal treatment, crowns and bridges, root canals, tooth extractions, facial and TMJ Botox, teeth whitening, and clear aligner.
We want to give you our full attention to understand your unique needs. In addition, we strive to provide you with high-quality and customized dental care.
We give you a free implant consultation session and a transparent treatment plan to help you make an informed decision.

Meet Sharon Chun, DDS

Dr. Sharon Chun has been providing dental care to families in the Northwest suburbs for over 10 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago and her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Michigan. Since then, she has continued to learn, keeping abreast of all aspects of dentistry by completing training on dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, and more. 

She is known to her patients as caring, genuine, and approachable. She strives to provide comprehensive, conservative, and comfortable dental care to her patients. 

Sharon Chun DDS Mount Prospect IL

Dental Services

We offer comprehensive treatment that covers all aspects of dentistry. 

Dental Implants

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair and is extracted, dental implant is in most cases the best option to replace the missing tooth. Many patients also consider dental implants when their partial or complete denture do not hold up and fit well. An implant is placed into the jawbone at the time of surgery and get integrated with the adjacent bones for next 3-6 months. Once the implant is stable, a connector is placed and a crown gets secured onto the implant by the connector and the result is predictable, comfortable, functional, and esthetic replacement of your natural tooth.

Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is one of the most common dental treatments. During the treatment, we will remove the decayed part of the tooth structure and fill in the removed part with a special resin called composite. Composite is a durable material that resembles the color of your teeth and strengthens your damaged tooth. When your cavity is small enough, it is likely that we will recommend tooth filling to restore the function and esthetic of your tooth. 


Tooth Extraction

Here at Shine Dental, we try our best to save your natural tooth as much as possible. However, when the tooth is decayed, fractured, or injured and cannot be saved, the damaged tooth needs to be extracted and replaced. Dr. Chun offers gentle and comfortable extraction and after-care and will also discuss options to replace the empty space after extraction.


Dental Emergency

Dental emergency is often painful and never convenient. Whether a bad toothache, dental infection, tooth fracture, or an accident, when you have a dental emergency, it is important to get your teeth and gum checked and treated by your dentist as soon as possible to avoid more damage or pain. Shine Dental offers same-day emergency appointments to alleviate your pain and address urgent issues as much as possible. 


Botox for TMJ

While Botox is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face, it is also used as an alternative treatment for TMJ disorder and associated jaw tension and pain. It provides a temporary but effective relief of pain and tension that you have experienced due to clenching and grinding. 

One 2012 study found that Botox treatments significantly decreased pain and increased mouth movements for three months following the treatment. 


Botox is typically recommended as a complementary treatment to other TMJ therapies, like night guards or physical therapy. But there may be cases where a Botox treatment is all that’s needed to get those muscles to relax.

Once you get those muscles around your TMJ to unclench, you’re going to notice some other changes too.

  • The frequency and intensity of headaches will be reduced or disappear

  • You might feel less anxious

  • You’ll sleep better

  • You’ll be protecting your teeth from the effects of bruxism!

  • Sensitive teeth may become less so


Dental Crowns

If a tooth is weakened or broken by decay or damage or when a root canal was performed, a dental crown is often recommended to strengthen the tooth structure and prevent further damage. During the crown treatment, your tooth will be shaped to support the crown that is made of zirconia, porcelain, or gold. A crown provides a long-term solution for your weakened tooth and will mimic the natural look of your tooth.

Root Canals

When a tooth is decayed deep to/near the pulp, it gives you a toothache and sometimes infection to the surrounding tissue. Root canals are performed to get rid of all nerve tissues inside the pulp by drilling into the root of the tooth and the inner portion is sealed with biocompatible sealers to protect the quality and integrity of tooth structure. In many cases, root canals are followed by the crowns to protect the compromised tooth structure. 

Periodontal Care

Gum disease, periodontitis, is caused by the improper oral hygiene that leads to plaque and calculus build up in between teeth. When those plaque and calculus stayed in mouths for long time, it will trigger inflammatory reaction in your body that cause redness and swelling of the gum. When untreated, eventually gums will recede and the bone underneath will get permanently damaged.

Scaling and root planning is the treatment recommendation to treat gum disease as it removes plaques and calculus stuck on the roots of teeth and also smooths out the root surfaces, so calculus do not accumulate easily.  The result is less inflamed, red, swollen gum and prevention of further bone loss.

Teeth Whitening

As we age, teeth get stained. Depending on someone’s diet, oral hygiene habit, and genetics, some people have more stained teeth than others. Regardless, there are many options to brighten and whiten your teeth. At Shine Dental, we offer multiple options for teeth whitening: At-home, In-office, Combination where you do at-home whitening for two weeks, followed by In-office whitening. 

Preventive Services

  • Comprehensive exam

  • Periodic x-rays

  • Cleaning for all ages

Dental Implants

  • Single/multiple implants

  • Implant bridges

  • Implant overdentures

Facial and TMJ Botox

for jaw pain, facial filler and botox injection

Restorative Treatments

  • Tooth fillings

  • temporary fillings

  • ​Onlay /  Inlay


  • SureSmile® Aligners


Root canal treatment

Fixed Prosthodontics

  • Crowns and bridges

Teeth whitening

KӧR® Whitening
In-office and take-home teeth whitening

Tooth extractions

Removable Prosthodontics

  • Partial dentures

  • Resin dentures

  • Full dentures


Scaling and root planing, gum surgery, gum maintenance

Emergency dental treatment

Practice Areas

Monthly Specials


Shine Dental offering $1000 discount on dental implant with free implant consultation

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Shine Dental offering $1000 discount on dental implant with free implant consultation

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